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Rabbits are not the only animals that hop about. Lambs (baby sheep) and kids (baby goats) like to hop about. Adult sheep and goats sometimes hop about also when they are happy and want to play.


We raise French angora rabbits, and sheep including Jacob, Shetland, and Rambouillet and a few angora goats. Jacob sheep and Shetland sheep are on the American Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List. There are endangered livestock breeds just as there is endangered wildlife.


We have one Great Pyrenees dog, which is our protector.


Besides animals, my passion is spinning and other related fiber arts including weaving, felting, knitting, and dying. I like to dye fiber with plants both wild weeds (such as Canadian thistle, mullein, and golden rod) and planted plants (such as madder, marigold, and Japanese indigo). I have been spinning fiber into yarn since May of 1994.


Spiders are spinners too! They are orb weavers that spin “webs” which is what weavers weave. (the woven fabric on a loom is call “web”) Barn spiders, also known as “cat face” spiders, hop about to catch flys and mosquitoes that land in their webs in the barn and other buildings.